How Does A Hotel Laundry Service Work?

How Does A Hotel Laundry Service Work?

Hotels are one of the best places to be if you want a private staycation. They don’t just provide lodging but also your other needs like food, bathroom essentials, entertainment, and the laundry service. That is why even if you weren’t able to pack plenty of clothes, the laundry service got your back! But how does hotel laundry service work? This is what you will learn in this article.

When Did Hotels Started to Offer Laundry Service?

Before we enlighten you about how hotel laundry service works, you must know more about the laundry service. Yes, we know that most hotels, especially the exclusive and extravagant ones, offer laundry service. But do you know how it started? Well, you will be surprised that the laundry service begun in the mid-18th century. If we are to base history, during the 19th and early 20th century, many Chinese immigrants were discriminated by doing the laundries in North America. Their lack of English-language skills caused the language barrier between the people in America and the Chinese immigrants; even Chinese men rendered 10 to 16 hours a day on laundry service. While in other places like India, men were also the one who does the laundry service during the early times. They are called “dhobiwallah” or “dhobi”. You see, even before, laundry service has been highly regarded. And mind you, it has been a relief for tourists or guests since then.

Let Us Discover How Does Hotel Laundry Service Work:

Deals with Contractors

Do hotels have laundry service? Yes, they do, but not all! Some hotels tie-up with contractors for the service of the hospitality industry. Many hotels have their own place for laundry services. As part of their service, they hire workers to do the job. While some choose to make deals with the contractors. Meaning, they reach out for laundry contractors to do the job. Some are on-site; others are off the site. Their partnership includes the linen articles, guests’ apparel, table linens, as well as the uniforms.

Availing the Service

How to use a hotel laundry service? How Does Hotel Laundry Service Work? You might be intimidated because it’s your first time. But don’t worry because we are here to help! Just follow the tips that we have provided below, and you’re good to go!

  1. Ask for the pricelist of the hotel’s laundry service. This will give an idea of how much you will be spending on their laundry service.
  2. Put all your dirty clothes in the laundry bag provided by the hotel in your room. If there is none, you may call through the telephone or visit the front desk for one.
  3. Choose the type of laundry service you wish and fill out the form you will be giving you.
  4. Leave your dirty clothes inside the room and wait for it to be picked up by the room service attendant.
  5. Wait for your clothes to be returned.
  6. Pay after receiving your clothes. Usually, it will be added to your bill as you check out. But with some hotels which are tied up with their laundry contractor, you need to pay the bill once you have received your clothes.


Laundry Operation

How does hotel laundry service work? To help you understand this, we have provided the laundry operation and flow below. Knowing this will help you understand their set up and how they clean your clothes as well as the linens in your bed.

  1. The dirty clothes and linens are collected on every hotel floor.
  2. They will send all the dirty clothes and linens in the laundry site.
  3. They will sort the clothes based on their fabric type, color, and stain if there is.
  4. The staff will load the dirty clothes and linens in the washer.
  5. Clothes with stains are treated separately.
  6. The staff will dry your clothes with the help of the special drier that works with different temperatures.
  7. They will fold and iron the clothes.
  8. They will deliver it back to your room.


Staying in a hotel that offers laundry service is a big relief. It is not just because you don’t need to burden yourself by packing too many clothes for your hotel stay, but it also saves you time and energy in washing them. So as a result, you can have your clothes fresh and clean all the time. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, the clothes you wear can be stained. And if you happened to wear your favorite or special clothes, you won’t let the stain ruin its entire look. This is why the laundry service is essential. They can help you preserve the fabric of your delicate clothes after being stained. Because if you let it sit for the rest of your trip, it will cause permanent damage. Now that we have shared with you how does hotel laundry service works, rest assured that your clothes are in good hands! Easy and convenient, that’s what it offers! You don’t need to mind your dirty clothes and focus on your trip or staycation. Here’s how to learn more about hotel services.

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